Connor Sisson Tennis Racquet StringingLooking for tennis racquet stringing services in the Canton, GA area?  This summer I started stringing my own tennis racquets, and I can string yours too if you need so let me know if you have busted or worn out strings!

In the past couple of years, the number of times I’ve had to get people to string for me has gotten ridiculous.   Last summer when I was playing tournaments all the time, we were dropping my racquets off every two weeks on average.  Then it turned into my first racquet one week, my backup racquet the following week.

I’m playing in a tournament in Duluth this weekend and it’s the first tournament where I have strung both of my own racquets so I’m pumped!  After my first full match hitting big balls at the 18 and under group and the strings were great so I feel great about my stringing process and string selection.  This was kind of a test for me and it went really well.

I’m going to be charging a FLAT $20 fee including string (if you need) if you are interested just fill out my contact form and I’ll email or call you back with details.  If you give me your own string, I’ll string your racquet for $15.